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Work ethics and environment at Prosperity!

At Prosperity, workers are our most valuable asset. We take a team work approach that inspires and produces high performance standards from our employees through collective and participative governance and management. In a short time, our products and initiatives have been well received and appreciated by our clients/ customers. We started our operations in 2009 and in this short span of time we have reached a level of competence which facilitates enhanced value creation for the customer/ client and overall satisfaction. The company as a whole represents a strong group of highly motivated and talented workers, capable of achieving excellence through product development and setting of quality standards.  

At Prosperity, no matter what the odds, we believe in the dictum ‘When going gets tough, The tough gets going’ which makes a difference in our approach to a problem/ situation and inspires us in finding a positive solution. We feel pride in achieving what others think is impossible.

Secret of our success

Our consistent growth across the domestic market has been primarily driven by our relentless efforts in achieving customer delight by ensuring consistency in quality, meeting delivery deadlines, competitive pricing of our products and lastly but not the least, complimenting the organization with valuable human capital i.e. by employing qualified, skilled and highly motivated work force to achieve the desirable results. Our endeavor is always to strengthen and lay a strong foundation to our organization to enable it to sustain any pressures of the market forces and provide a strong anchor and protection against any winds of changes in the future.

Work Culture

Here at Prosperity, we offer a very informal working environment with ample opportunities for an employee to take initiatives, voice his opinion freely and to work independently. Provide conducive and comfortable work place, equipped with all modern facilities and amenities and a stress free environment.

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Why choose Prosperity?

We provide our employees a healthy growth based on the ability to contribute,  perform and achieve – focus is to bring the best out of them. Employees are often rewarded with out of turn promotions and increments who exhibit dynamism and professionalism at work and for their value addition to the organization.
Additional incentives are given to employees who bring about the positive change in the quest towards achieving higher levels of growth and profitability for the organization.

Growing with Us

Our work force is our strength and the most valued above all. We ensure on the job training of our workers to further compliment their skills and provide them with a platform and opportunities tofor their personal growth. We encourage our work force to attain higher  qualifications and skills which is beneficial to them as well as the organisation. Our commitment to training and development is always a priority. We believe in mutual growth of both, the employee as well as the organisation therefore as we grow, so do our people, developing new capabilities to take our business ahead.

We look forward to have your resume on file for any available positions and will review it should an opening arise.


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