About the company

Established in the year 2010, Prosperity 6 Pharmaceutics is an integrated pharmaceutical company based in Baddi (Himachal Pradesh), India. Located approximately 40 kms away from the beautiful city of Chandigarh and in the lap of Shivalik Hills; this facility is intended for the manufacturing of Cephalosporin’s and Carbapenems and  Monobactam  dry powder injectibles. These drugs are formulated after extensive market research by our team and are used in the treatment and cure of many diseases. Armed with a firm belief that Innovation drives growth, we have committed ourselves to innovation and sensitivity to market needs by  focusing  on niche dry powder product manufacturing platforms, combining it with cutting-edge technology and the experts in the field to provide a quality product.

Automation a Key Facility Paradigm

At Prosperity, automation has been implemented in view of the critical nature of the product line and is therefore major part of the facility design. All equipment is automated by using tools like Distributed Control System (DCS) or Programmable Logical Controllers (PLCs). DCS or PLCs are technological tools commonly available in the market but their application in API manufacturing is unique. The primary aim in designing the facility with optimum level of automation has been in consideration of human safety and product sanctity, to ensure consistency in all formulations, operations and technological excellence in order to provide a quality end product.
The facility layout is planned to take care of mass production areas with all support systems in a well designed and organized manner."

Design and Layout of Facility

In the facility sufficient rooms and spaces are provided for all relevant functions. Designated routes for personnel, material and product flow prevents product mix up, cross contamination, contamination from environment and operator exposure to product. Waste and unusable residue disposal systems are in place. Care has been taken during facility designing to assure the maintainability of each area and clean environment for installed systems and equipment.
Support functions such as like utilities, in-process quality control lab, cafeteria, training room, in plant maintenance, day storages, laundry, wash rooms etc. are provided within the production block to control personnel movement within the campus
Management ensured that a facility designing study was carried out prior to commencement of constructions to ensure proper flow of material/people to prevent contamination. Since all relevant technical functions were examined in the initial phase of the study, further design basis and actual implementation faced far lesser challenges. It was a total team effort.

Environmental Control

All indoor storage areas have temperature, humidity, and illumination controls to protect and prevent any degradation or chemical alteration of raw material and products. Dispensing and sampling areas are provided with a greater level of protection in respect to the packing areas. We seek to balance environmental impact and economic interest in all our business activities. Committed to the development of the society, culture and economy, we dutifully observe laws; demonstrate high ethical standards and endeavour to preserve the environment.

Core Competency

 Backed by a dexterous team of expert professionals and advanced processing techniques, the facility is able to formulate Dry Powder Injectibles under controlled environment and clean room conditions. These are formulated in accurate compositions and follow the c-GMP, c-GLP guidelines. The facility also has the capability to produce  new formulations after doing extensive market research.


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