Environmental Protection

Surrounding area

The manufacturing unit is at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh. The surroundings are clean, non-polluting and environment friendly. In front of the site there is a metallic road. Some Units like, Indo Farm Ltd. are established in the surrounding region of 1 km proximity. All the units are non- polluting and do not pose any hazard or cross contamination to the plant.

Handling of any toxic, hazardous substances

There is no usage of any hazardous / toxic substances. The state of the art manufacturing facility has a unidirectional processing concept with manufacturing modules. Dedicated areas with specified environmental requirements are provided in all the sections. The various products are manufactured at dedicated areas having different Air handling systems to avoid cross contamination. Sensitivity test is done on workers working in Cephalosporin area periodically. Proper safety measures are provided to attend accidental emergency, if any.


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