All the manufacturing steps and most of the quality control tests are carried out in-house in our laboratory.. However, In case of specific tests and for reconfirmation of the product quality (if required) the firm takes assistance from approved outside testing laboratories approved by local Food and Drugs Administration Microbiology laboratory consists of a class 10,000 testing area provided with change rooms. It also has a general microbiology room with separate areas for media preparation and media destruction.

Microbiology laboratory is well furnished and segregated with critical area, controlled area and general area with respect to the air classification level and criticality of operations. Accordingly a General change room for entry in to the microbiology lab, a dedicated change room for entering into controlled area and sterile entry change room (3 entry change with entry buffer) and  exit change is provided .

A separate wash room & segregated decontamination room is also provided. A separate incubators storage area is also included. Static pass box is provided in the media sterilization room.

Throughout the microbiology laboratory pressure differential is balanced to ensure the required airflow pattern for all the critical & control areas.
Microbiology laboratory is facilitated with separate room for sterility testing with HEPA filter of  99.997% efficiency and additional class 100 LAF working station. 
It has a general area for media preparation, segregated area for incubation, washing and media destruction activities.  It also has an autoclave and various incubators. Facility has BET equipment also.



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