Plant & Personal Hygiene




  • Keep the working area clean at all times.
  • Keep short hair, well groomed and covered at all times.
  • Keep good personal hygiene practices like daily shave, daily bath and short nails.
  • Do not consume any eatables, food and drinks in the areas of production, laboratory, and storage area or in any other area where it may affect adversely in the product quality.
  • Smoking and eating, chewing of betel nut, pan is totally prohibited.
  • Spitting inside the premises, in the garden or in the inter block commuting road is prohibited.
  • Avoid wearing of costumes, ornaments and flowers etc in work area.
  • Wash hands with soap solution after eating and after using the toilets.
  • Wear the company uniform provided and other protective garments as applicable to the area of operation.

Do not handle starting materials, semi-finished and finished products in case of illness, other communicable diseases or an injury/ wound, and do report the same to your immediate supervisor.


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