Safety Parameters

Plant Safety

At Prosperity, safety is a part of our work culture. This includes infrastructural, employee, environmental and community safety. Starting with the employee induction program, training programs on various aspects of operational safety are periodically conducted. In association with experts on safety procedures, a number of initiatives have been designed to ensure that all manufacturing processes and systems are executed in the safest manner. These include:

  • Provisioning of intercom system, an access control system and a fire detection system support the security and safety functions at the plant.
  • There is a dedicated air-handling unit to feed filtered fresh air to all the other air-handling units in the plant. Active and non-active active pharmaceutical ingredients have separate dispensing areas.
  • The personnel working in the core production (Sterile) area have segregated changing rooms, and there is an air shower facility for personnel working in the cephalosporin’s plant.
  • Use of high-end technologies to provide a isolated clean room (Sterile Zone)which is toxic free through a series of processes thereby leading to zero toxicity during manufacturing.
  • The safety committee monitors safety initiatives, standard operating procedures (SOPs), process and working standards for plant and laboratory.
  • Full time supervision during shifts and safety training for all employees
  • Use of protective clothing and constant monitoring of air quality inside and outside plant.


Safety Statement

To excel in the region by establishing ourselves as the leading safety-driven pharmaceutical organization by conducting our work processes and operations with commitment to the highest standards of safety, health and environment.

Safety Objective

Our safety statement is inspired by our commitment to adhere to our Safety Objective – 'Zero Tolerance'.

We believe the objective of a zero tolerance towards breach of safety at the workplace is achievable by developing and maintaining management systems that allow us to control risk by ensuring engineering controls and administrative controls. Our ultimate goal is to have zero accidents, zero injuries and zero fatalities – leading to zero incidents.

Our Safety Guidelines

The company enforces six safety principles:

  • Safety first shall be the core organizational commitment.
  • Regular maintenance and inspections to be carried out to prevent  injuries.
  • All occupational hazards to be minimized to prevent any injuries.
  • Immediate reporting of injury and provisioning of medical aid and inquiry of the incidents to ascertain the cause of injury.
  • Plant and equipment validation as per laid down periodicity.
  • Training of operators in machine handling.


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