The Utility department at Prosperity is very well equipped for meeting any exigencies / system breakdowns during production. The utility is manned by very well trained and experienced staff to carry out any repairs/ maintenance in situ. The systems installed are of international standards and one of the very best in the industry.

HVAC System

All processing areas and material storage & handling areas are provided with HVAC system.

Air handling units

Air handling units of desired CFM is equipped with 10 µ, 5 µ followed by 0.3 µ terminal HEPA filters. 90% return air is collected from rooms and 10% fresh air is added to the system. The air temperature is controlled with the help of chilled water coil and heating coil. In class 100,000 areas is equipped with 10 µ, 5 µ followed by terminal 0.3 µ HEPA filters. Suitable de-humidifiers are attached to the air-handling units for controlling the humidity. The return air is filtered through 20 µ filters. HVAC system is designed to maintain the required environment conditions.

Ventilation and exhaust system

Ventilation systems are equipped with centralized HVAC System. Dedicated AHUs have been designed to each critical area in order to avoid cross contamination.
12 AHUs are provided in the manufacturing area catering to different cubicles of operation.    Dedicated AHUs are provided to sampling & dispensing areas in warehouse. A ventilation and exhaust system is provided to the packaging material warehouse.  Dedicated AHUs as above would ensure to avoid cross contamination.

Water for injection generation system

Ultra Purified water is further feed to the multi-column distillation plant from circulation loop and the water is distilled at above 100°C to produce Water for injection which is collected in SS 316L jacketed storage tank of capacity 1 Kl. The water for injection is circulated to the user points through loop lines and is maintained under continuous recirculation with the temperature above 80ºC. The temperature of the WFI storage tanks is maintained and monitored through PLC. All storage tanks of ultra purified water and water for injection are provided with vent filters with 0.2 micron air vent filter. Ultra Purified water & Water for injection complies with the requirements as per IP, BP, EP, and USP.

Capacity of the water system

The Ultra Purified water generation plant is designed for a capacity of 1m­3/hr. Multi column   distillation plant is capable of producing 300 L / hour of water for injection.

Water storage and circulation details

The water quality is monitored through PLC provided for each storage tanks.

Maintenance and servicing of AHUs and water system

Water system and AHUs are well maintained as per the approved preventive maintenance program.



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