Corporate Governance

Our Approach

Ever since commencement of our operations, we committed ourselves to the highest standards of corporate governance. We are firm believer of a strong and robust corporate governance policy that drives healthy business growth and reinforces vibrant markets. Governance also provides an appropriate framework for the Management to set corporate goals to enhance system value.

Core Values

Our corporate governance is defined clearly, with established core values, standards of business conduct and code of ethics and transparency as follows:.
Team Spirit
Work Ethics
Striving for excellence
Performance Recognition
Customer Relations

Business Ethics

Our business code reaffirms our commitment to core values and is stringently practiced in everyday work life. Constantly accommodating new legal and regulatory developments, this code is a valuable resource in assisting employees with decision making to ensure that business is conducted with integrity. This business code also helps in preventing, detecting, reporting and addressing any allegation of misconduct and violations of law.


We adhere to the principle of fair disclosure; we regularly provide information on the company’s position and significant changes in business activities to all our clients and customers.


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